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“The Atlas: The Physical Aspect of the Alta Major

“The Atlas: The Physical Aspect of the Alta Major

The atlas is the first vertebra of the spine, the connection between the spinal cord and the brain. In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan and demigod condemned to forever carry the world upon his shoulders (as a punishment from Zeus for daring to challenge him). His back and neck are compressed by the weight as he stoops over, crushed by his heavy burden. Atlas means ‘he who suffers’, ‘the bearer’, or ‘endurer’. Ninety-nine percent of us are born with this skeletal defect that keeps us trapped in the bodymind, and in stress patterns that prevent more energy from travelling down from the Alta Major to the rest of our central nervous system and bodymind.

To open up the Alta Major Chakra and allow Shakti to circulate and flow freely throughout the eighteen pathways, a physical adjustment to the atlas is usually necessary. The atlas alignment was discovered in 1993 by disabled Swiss doctor René-Claudius Schuemperli. In his research, Schuemperli found that several advanced cultures of antiquity, particularly the Mayan and Egyptian cultures, regularly practiced manual repositioning techniques of the atlas. He further discovered that the atlas is probably dislocated within almost all humans from birth, which can entail a chain reaction of symptomatic complaints, such as back problems, migraines, psychological complaints, complaints of the neck, spinal column, knee, and hip joints.

This has a direct effect on the psyche and organs, since this disconnection disturbs internal body communication, and disrupts the whole nervous system, which becomes unable to send out its signal to the body at optimum value. This disconnection prevents the descent of light down the spine, and the ascending current of kundalini energy up the spine.

Our bodies compensate and adjust to the incorrect position of the atlas from birth, creating a false body attitude. This incorrect positioning causes a disturbance of the sensitive, static equilibrium of the spinal column. By the correction of the dislocated atlas, this chronic and long disturbed internal communication can return to perfect function in the nerve channels on all levels. As the atlas is fixed to the suspension of the spinal column, the body’s own healing forces activate to decrease stress responses and increase centering.

This makes the bodymind freer, lighter, and more fluid. Organs and skeleton realign, old tension patterns dissolve, posture changes, and more energy is available to all parts of you. This is because the central nervous system is now able to transmit and receive 100 percent efficiency throughout the whole mind, body, and soul.“

“Alta Major: The Mouth of the Goddess

Located on the back of the head at the base of the skull, Alta Major is the chakra where Shakti ignites and travels down the spine, sending waves of vibration like a tuning rod throughout your brain, neck, and body. It is the major chakra where the higher aspects of your body of light activate and enter in to your physical body.

In ancient Egypt, initiations were given to people through the Alta Major. In many paintings from that culture, the High Priest stands behind the initiate, aiming a copper rod at the Alta Major. This rod transmits sound and also what is known as the ‘negative green’ carrier wave, which sends pulses of pure consciousness into the initiate, turning the whole bodymind into a tuning rod. In these initiations the Alta Major was properly aligned with the rest of the spine, and could therefore conduct vibration easily throughout the whole nervous system and brain in ascending and descending currents of light and Shakti energy. Indeed, the Alta Major was seen as a galactic doorway to these higher forces, a portal to the concentrated, high frequency beams of light that unite the Alta Major and the pineal gland.

Together, the Alta Major and the pineal gland are the seat of your intuition. When you consciously connect into these chakras, you accelerate the embodiment and enlightenment process. The Alta Major is the lunar, feminine entrance to the third eye, as the pineal is the solar, masculine entrance. In most of us, these two entrances to the third eye are disconnected. When both solar and feminine entrances connect via their infinity loops, all the codes that have been waiting in the DNA for thousands of years activate, and express themselves through the throat chakra, literally manifesting our goals, visions, and perceptions.

When the Alta Major is aligned physically and energetically, your physical body and your lightbodies also connect on a deeper level, accelerating the awakening, ignition, and ‘descent’ of your lightbodies into your physical one. The Alta Major, pineal, and the energy flow of the eighteen pathways can now anchor, and flow freely and unimpaired, allowing you to integrate and unite bodymind and spirit here on Earth, allowing you to embody light into matter itself.”

Excerpts from “Power of Shakti” by Padma Aon Prakasha

Reproduced with permission of the author

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