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“I don’t believe in miracle cures or single treatments that are that transformational but in this case it worked for me.”
Dr.Steve Hajioff  -  Private GP


“After years of playing football at the highest level the stress a players body is put under takes its toll. Correcting the position of my atlas bone by Matthew at The Atlas Clinic has improved my postural alignment. I found the procedure painless, non-invasive and non-manipulative and it can only be good thing.”
Sir Trevor Brooking (CBE)  -  FA Director of Football Development. 

"I came out feeling wonderfully symmetrical and amazingly aligned, energy flow much improved."
Cindy Jourdain  -  Principle Dancer – Royal Ballet


"After a long career as a ballerina I had resigned myself to a life spent in constant pain. I can only describe the feeling after my first treatment as euphoric. Every step was an almost strange revelation, I only wish I'd been years ago. What a well kept secret! I can't begin to describe the difference. Thank you!"
Vanessa Fenton - Principle Dancer, Royal Ballet


“Loving my new alignment.” Dominic Cooper – Actor


As a classically trained Pilates instructor, one of my main goals is to exhibit, display and convey to my clients the importance of symmetry and muscular balance in every movement. Above all good posture through alignment. Having taken many years to rehabilitate my own body through Pilates and many other holistic practices such as acupuncture and massage due to severe spinal injuries, I still felt the imbalance in my spine. When I discovered the treatment and had the process explained to me, I was excited and confident that it was the last piece of the puzzle. I was right! Since I’ve had my treatment I feel the same freedom and symmetry of movement that I had before my accidents happened. Every day is better and better, more energy and more strength. I would definitely recommend this treatment.”
Dawn Noel Elter  -  Pilates Instructor


"Following a long career on the main tour I was suffering the inevitable wear and tear on my back. As I approached 50, and the European Seniors Tour, Matthew was instrumental in enabling me to resume my competitive career winning 2 of the first 6 events."
Bill Longmuir - Golf Professional


"I often suffered stress, to be expected with the pressures of life and sport. Matthew treated me on several occasions for sore shoulder and neck muscles and also did acupuncture to help deal with my high stress levels and the expectations placed upon me to always perform at World class levels. Matthew was great and really helped me – we moved to New Zealand and it's just a shame he didn't!"

Sarah Hardcastle-Thomas - Olympic Silver Medallist


My neck pain has gone.” Mark Warren – Actor


Being an ex professional athlete I've had every sort of injury and tried all sorts of treatments but the speed and effectiveness of my Atlas correction at the Atlas Clinic has been outstanding

Liam Botham - former Leeds and England rugby player


"I have been a practising Naturopath and Bodyworker for nearly two decades. Practising as a bodyworker requires a lot of physical effort on my part in order for me to perform the correct manipulations and corrections for my clients. On top of this I have always lived a very active lifestyle in which I have clocked up a few injuries and muscle imbalance on the way. I have always known about having an atlas alignment and its profound effects but never knew anybody prolific enough to perform one. Then I found out about the Atlas Clinic. Just five minutes after having my session I sat down and noticed a releasing sensation around my right hip and felt a little more relaxed than usual. Over the next two days my recurring old shoulder injury seemed less painful and I had an overall feeling of better balance, stability and being grounded. Since then my body-mechanics and performance in both my work and exercise has been excellent. I have also had improvements in my posture and meditations.

I would recommend an Atlas Alignment to anyone who wants to facilitate their overall health and wellbeing in conjunction with maintenance therapies such as bodywork/massage and exercise.”

Soliman Laurence  -  ICNM (BRCP) M.C.Ir.A.,R.C.Ir.


"Having my atlas bone realigned has totally changed my life ! I was a little nervous about letting anyone near such a delicate area but Matthew made me feel super relaxed and the process was much easier than i thought , since having the treatment i have noticed an extra quality and depth to my meditation and yoga practice that I can only assume is a result of the atlas bone adjustment x I am extremely grateful for this unique experience and i will be happily sending my students to the clinic for this powerful and worthwhile healing!!”

Kwali Kumara  -  Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation Teacher


"Having suffered chronic lower-back pain for many years, the only effective treatment I've received which has allowed me to lead a normal life, including my love of running, has been through Matthew Voigts. I am now completely dependent upon his impressive abilities and for anyone who has suffered back pain, would recommend him in the most alluring terms."

Michael C Woodford, MBE - CEO Olympus


"Michaela has always been as my mum put it different, she often woke up crying and when I asked her why she didnt know the reason she just felt unhappy and would be inconsolable for ages. Michaela’s confidence diminshed as she got older and she found it hard to speak to adults, including my parents. The school told me that they thought Michaela was dyslexic. Over the next few years Michaela told me she wanted to die on several occasions, this started when she was just six years old and again she didnt have a reason for this. When Michaela was nine she started getting severe migraines which made her sick, she was referred to a paedeatrician who put her on medication none of which really helped. Michaela didnt want to go out saying she preferred to stay at home. Michaela would be awake into the early hours of the morning as she could nt sleep as she was worried over the silliest things. I took Michaela to the doctors as she repeatedly got coldesaws and the doctor said she was very run down and under weight, when he tried to talk to her she would nt speak and he asked me if she was always like this, he decided that counselling may help her but after a few sessions Michaela still wouldnt speak so said she would make some recommendations to school as she felt this was where the problems stemed from with her dyslexia. I will never forget the day Michaela had her Atlas put back back inline , she came out and the first thing she said to me was that she felt really happy. The changes were almost instant her confidence grew, the migraines have stopped and her appetite has increased, she has a full nights sleep every night now and falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow Michaelas school have told me that her concentration has improved and she has gone up two reading levels in one term. Michaela has earned herself a big speaking part in the school play with a solo, which she would never have been confident enough to audition for let alone perform in front of the whole school. She has just returned from five days in the Isle of Wight and she barely looked back when she waved goodbye, she volunteered to be group leader and was the first to do the majority of the activities. Michaelas grandparents have also remarked on the changes in her and cant quite believe the happy and confident child she has become. Thank you so much Mathew this has really changed Michaela’s life.”

Michaela’s review. Age 9


I decided to have my atlas done a couple of months ago after suffering from years of neck and shoulder pain. I had resigned myself to "having to live with the pain" as nothing seemed to help it. Massages would ease the pain very slightly for a couple of days but the pain would always return. I also suffered from constant headaches. Since having my atlas done I have had no neck or shoulder pain whatsoever! It is such a relief! My headaches have also improved dramatically!! Immediately after walking out of the clinic I noticed my hips felt much more aligned; I had never even noticed they weren't before but I could feel such a difference. I felt and still feel now that my body is straighter and my whole body feels balanced and aligned. I have so much more energy than I had before. This is a pretty amazing treatment that actually really does work! This is definitely a treatment I would recommend.

Julia O'Neil. Age 39


After suffering for more than 10 years with neck and lower back problems I heard about Matthew Voigt's Atlas treatment. Having been in and out of pain for so many years I was willing to try anything. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've made in a long time. I no longer get out of bed, bent over like a little old lady, and my new found love of running is not hampered with niggling pains in my neck and lower back. A colleague made the very clear point to me*, that a treatment which adjusts your legs to the same length, therefore improving your posture, is ultimately a good thing for your long-term health. Although slightly uncomfortable, the treatment is not painful. Matthew's easygoing but professional manner would put anyone at ease. I would recommend this treatment to anybody.

Melanie O'Rourke. Age 35


I have been suffering with back pain most of my life. I first noticed that one of my legs was slightly shorter than the other when I was 14 years old; I limped a bit and I had back pain. When I was 18 (I’m now in my 50s) I started seeing therapists offering chiropractory, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, cranial and lots of other medical and alternative treatments. This only relieved my pain temporarily. I heard about Altas from a friend and felt very excited, but spent time researching it before I spoke to Matt and made an appointment for a treatment. It’s one of those things that’s hard to define but I knew it made so much sense. Matt is an Osteopath and has practised for many years which immediately gave me faith in what was about to happen to me. The actual treatment doesn’t take very long and isn’t painful. I was amazed that immediately my legs were the same length and my hip bones in line. I was aware I’d had a treatment so took really good care of myself and followed the aftercare plan. The most amazing thing for me is I feel so much better all round. I no longer have intense pain in my shoulders or lower back and I sleep so much better with an overall sense of well being since the treatment. I’m very grateful to my friend for telling me about Atlas and to Matt for being a wonderful therapist. I’d recommend Atlas and be happy to speak to anyone about my life before and after my treatment.

Yasmeen Khan


After a previous injury when I was a child I have always suffered from back pain and in recent years severe neck pain with the added headaches/migraine etc. Always open to new techniques, I thought the atlas correction sounded wonderful but I couldn't have predicted how wonderful!! Since the treatment I have had NO neck pain. I am 100 times more active, am able to enjoy sport again as I can turn my head with ease. I cannot tell you how much this has changed how I feel in my overall day to day life. What weird is that everything seems 'straighter'?!! I am raving about this to everyone I meet...:)

Jane Porter. Age 27


As a new mother you are often wary of trying the latest 'fads', particularly something to do with the neck/spine as it's such a delicate area. Having been a patient of Matthews for many years I trust him 100% so thought it sounded a good idea for Rory to try this as it doesn't hurt when they are so young .The test before the procedure showed Rory's legs were out by a few centimetres... this was quite shocking as you don't ever consider your baby would be born with this much difference but it is in fact quite common. When I took Rory for his year check wit the health visitor, she actually commented on the alignment of his legs and said ''Golly, we never see babies with legs exactly the same length!''. I now know that Rory will be toddling around completely balanced for the rest of his life & 'if' I have any more children they will be having this done before they can blink hello to the world! 

Rory's review from his mother Jane Porter.

I recently had the AtlasPROfilax treatment at Matthew Voigts which whilst mildly uncomfortable only lasted for a few minutes and was not at all painful. Since then I have noticed an improvement in posture, standing more upright. I have been a runner for most of my life and to date have had to wear orthotics/inner soles especially designed for me. I have now been able to discard these and am running further and faster than for many years. I suffer badly from Hay Fever and have even noticed an improvement in this condition. My experience has only been good for such a simple painless process.

Mr. F. Age 61


As a frequent migraine sufferer I have tried lots of different treatments none of which have worked. So in April 2011 I visited Matthew Voigts to have my atlas corrected. Since then I have not had one single migraine. I now feel rejuvenated and no longer suffer form migraines or any of the symptoms.

Wendy Moody Age 44


I have suffered from lower back pain for many years following a car accident. Pain would be constant- either low level discomfort or more intense periods of sharp pain. It was something I had become accustomed to and had grown to accept would never leave me. Matthew Voigts discussed the possibility of visiting his Atlas Clinic and realigning my atlas bone as a way to relieve my chronic condition. This I did in early April this year. For me, the transformation has been immense. The low level pain has gone and I have yet – hopefully never – had a sharp pain attack. I feel much calmer as a person and quite frankly a lot happier. It worked for me.

Andy Bestwick Age 46


My name is Ryan Willis. I am 14 and I had my atlas treated two months ago. I suffered from very sweaty hands and I am pleased to say that has all stopped also I had to use a mouth guard as I used to grind my teeth at night, this has also improved since I had the treatment done!

Ryan Willis Age 14


I was interested in the treatment because of its potential effect on my focus, balance, all round health and also to assist my spiritual alignment. I was nervous before hand, mainly because I didn\'t really have any injuries I wanted to fix and wasn\'t sure the process would even benefit me, but the massage was painless and I felt a strange comfort as it was nearly complete. I wasn\'t sure about it\'s improvement for me until I meditated later, before I began I noticed my eyes were able to focus on alot more in my peripheral vision. As I meditated, I found it very deep and I felt an opening around the top of my spine, as if I had widened a channel and had easier access to a mindful meditative state. This has continued since and I generally feel well balanced and clearer since the treatment. I am pleased to have had it done, it was worth it just for the apparent increase in spiritual access and for the feeling of well being. I am looking forward to its assistance in maintainin g a well functioning body in the strenuous industry of dance. Thanks very much. 

Josh L - 22 - Dancer


"1st December 2011. My 12 year old son Jago sustained an injury during the early weeks of the summer holidays, which caused his neck to spasm. Gradually over the following days this condition worsened. We visited the doctor, who didn’t seem too concerned. After 2 weeks of no improvement we had to push for some action. Jago was given an x-ray which revealed a severe torticolis. But no talk of any remedy. . . After 7 weeks of pain, unable to walk or tum his head, Jago underwent an MRI scan! Hoping this would finally display what was wrong and treatment would begin. But nothing! …. Yes we knew severe torticolis ….but what …what’s’ the cure? Just pain killers, a neck collar, heat patches and despair were on the menu! We were now into week 12 of this hideous situation. Life was dire and as a family we were in a very desperate dark lonely place, searching for answers… hope. .. a MIRACLE. Then we found Matthew Voights,  and The Thorpe Bay Clinic. Hallelujah! We met with Matthew at the clinic.. Matthew examined Jago in a very calm and thorough way, explained what he had detected and announced how he would like to perfomi treatment now! !! …. And with 10 min of treatment Jago’s torticolis was healed, the pain left instantly, he could tum his head and walk and continue with life. That was 4 weeks ago now, Jago is absolutely healed, full of beans, back at school, enjoying P.E and being a normal ‘“I2 year old boy!” Seeing Matthew cure my son was the most amazing extraordinary sight i`ve ever seen. Both Jago and I are eternally grateful! *THANKYOU MATTHEW FOR HEALING MY SON* ”

Jade Oram


"The treatment I had didn’t hurt at all, it was amazing that l2 weeks of terrible pain can be cured in a few painless minutes." *THANK YOU SO MUCH MATTHEW FOR HEALING ME * 

Jago Sky Oram.


"I really want to thank you so much for my new lease of life following having the atlas treatment done. My back is cured, I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight, can do anything, go gym, bought a boat, most important change for me was the re alignment which has changed the way I live and live more soulfully, along with my buddhist practice and EFT this has been a revolation for me. I have told lots people and will continue to do so."

Sally Tuck


Now that my Atlas has been re-aligned along with my hips, my overall health and wellbeing has increased tenfold. Since my re-alignment in December, I have experienced a profound sense of grounding and emotional stabilisation. My excruciating headaches have all but disappeared, and I have no further pain and swelling in my knees, after 17 years. My bruxism has halved in severity, which I have been unable to achieve through numerous other holistic treatments. The daily tension in my neck and shoulders has dissipated, leaving me with improved, stronger posture and a more positive outlook. Losing weight is no longer a struggle, which is the biggest victory for my health. I cannot recommend this treatment enough - if you truly love someone get their Atlas aligned.

Juliette Scarfe - Natural Skincare Expert & Health guru @baresknbeauty


There is a lot to say about having your spine straightened and your atlas bone realigned. For me, on a physical level, it helped little bone structure problems I had and even my jaw stopped clicking after I dislocated it many years ago. After I left the clinic following my Atlas realignment appointment, I felt taller and I felt happier as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders; even all the colours seemed brighter. Matthew Voigt really knows what he is doing and I noticed that I can now meditate deeper and dance better. I would strongly recommend to all of those who are on a spiritual path to have their Atlas bone realigned so you can really get into your body and open new gateways to consciounsess now more available than ever before. I have also recommended it to everyone who sits behind their computer for long periods of time and notices how their day to day makes it more challenging to keep a straight posture. A straight posture is a must if you want to be healthy, happy and realigned and getting the Atlas bone aligned is the key to that.

Fernanda Barros, BA(Hons); MSc; MBPps; MBACP (Accred); UKCP(Reg) Counselling Psychologisy and Psychotherapist in Private Practice


'I had no idea how profound the the Atlas treatment could be. I woke up the morning after being able to see more clearly, feeling like I had grown two inches, and with an extraordinary sense of wellbeing and focus - I appreciate this as receiving more nutrients to the brain, through a spinal column that is already aligning itself to how it should be. My atlas vertebra was tilted upwards, and slightly to the right-hand side, which could have been affecting my right hip and knee - something that has troubled me for years. A huge thank you to Matthew Voigts - I am fascinated to see where this will take me!'



'After having my atlas realigned with the kind and professional guidance of Laurence and Matthew, my neck ache has since completely disappeared. I had suffered with spasms and tightness in my neck and back since I was a teenager. The renewed strength and postural realignment that has resulted in this amazing one-off treatment has completely changed my confidence in my fitness and strength training but also my general posture'

Marcus, 37, Director of Community Relations


'Since having my Atlas bone realigned I have noticed an increase in day to day energy like when I was a kid, a growth in self confidence, belief and knowledge that I am on the right path. My physique has slowly changed since the treatment and my hips have become more inline and in turn im more centered. Thank you Atlas clinic I now have a good present to get each of my relatives!'

Tim Shieff, former world free running champion



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