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The Atlas Clinic is now working along side Cell Well Being, the leaders in Hair Profiling



Hair Profiling is carried out using our S-Drive technology and our Computerised Technology Centre which generates the comprehensive environmental statements.


The statements cover a wide range of areas including many of the key environmental indicators that are responsible for physical gene expression.


The statements are user friendly, easy to understand and provide clear indications of areas which are priorities and should be considered for action.


Each category is rated as priority, advisory or normal and each individual element is marked as demand, load, disturbance or sensitivity to provide maximum guidance to users.



Hair profiling uses specifically calibrated frequency filters, which resonate with bio-field markers generated from hair samples.



Bio-information is carried in the weak electromagnetic field emissions from cells, tissues and organisms. The information is carried in a similar manner to the way a radio wave might carry music or an MRI scan carries an image.


Hair profiling takes less than 10 minutes, with a simple process of data generated from human cells, taken from samples of 2-3 hairs. The information is then transferred via the specially adapted micro-coil plate digested and then transferred to the technology centre in Germany for assessment.


The results are returned in the form of a comprehensive  report.

The results are based on the cellular resonance values of the individual and afford a new and insightful view of the body’s imbalance.

The Hair profile reports cover the key environmental indicators that are responsible for optimum cellular wellness.










I Have been a Naturopathic practitioner and body worker for over 20 years. Advising on diet and herbs, super foods and nutritional supplementation. The reason i am in alliance with Laurence Edney and using Cell Well Beings Wellness report, is because it gives myself and my clients avery good baseline health overview. Which not only supports a naturopathic regime, but also gives key wellness indicators which one may need to look deeper into. 


Soliman Laurence  -  ICNM (BRCP) M.C.Ir.A.,R.C.Ir.


Laurence Edney from the Atlas Clinic demonstrated a high aptitude in learning and acquiring the skills and knowledge for clinical practice on the Hair Profiling and EFi Scanning. He also shows a sound ability to empathise, understand and motivate his clients to improve their lifestyles through efficacious means.
Dr J Rogerson 


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