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Nicola Stephenson

Nicola is a certified nutritionist, yoga teacher, personal trainer, and raw chef. She has taught nutrition in a variety of environments for over 15 years, and has lived a conscious life style in Asia for almost 10. During this time she has worked on internationally acclaimed yoga teacher trainings, designed and managed nutrition and detox programs for retreat centres and individuals, as well as helped to design and implement conscious menus for numerous restaurants. Nicola works as a life coach, inspiring and guiding people to live their absolute best.


Nicola offers a personalised approach to nutrition. With so many different nutrition programs out there, and so many different types of people and preferences, Nicola will not prescribe to you what she thinks is the best diet, rather she will guide you into an intuitive process of self discovery that will free you from searching for answers outside of yourself and allow you to reveal perfect and radiant health as your individual body has prescribed.


“The answers are not outside of you.. they are within.

Let me teach you how to listen to and honour your intuition.”


This process can take as long or as little time as a person is ready for.

Some people immediately switch and understand what the process entails, while others require a little more guidance. 

The process begins with a one week self awareness practice and culminates with a 2 hour consultation.


Initial 2 hour consultation: £150 

Each one hour follow up: £75 

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